Fiduciary registration agreement and fiduciary administration of assets

Fiduciary registration agreement and fiduciary administration of assets

For over 30 years SIFIR deals with the services relating to the fiduciary registration agreement, assignments and administration of assets by carrying out the instructions of its clients.

This kind of services concern the administration of assets through fiduciary registration agreement. Namely, through an agreement governing the activities between and assignee and the fiduciary company some assets are administered in the name of the company but on behalf of the assignor. This is why this service is called “Fiduciary Registration”.

With such agreement the property right is not transferred from the assignor to the fiduciary company as assignee. Only the rights and powers relating to the property are transferred. The full ownership right, which stays in the hand of the assignor, is not transferred.

In this case, the fiduciary company has the right to exercise (directly in its name) the rights pertaining to the assignor. Therefore, there is a fictional separation between the formal ownership of the right (which remains with the assignor) and legitimacy to its exercise (which belongs instead to the fiduciary company).

The most interesting fiduciary registration agreement and assignment services include: