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Sifir is an independent and autonomous fiduciary company based in Bologna whose activity, regulated by the Law of 23 November 1939, n. 1966, is aimed at the provision of highly specialized professional fiduciariy services.

Sifir offers its clients precise guarantees in terms of competence, professionalism, morality and confidentiality. As a metter of fact, Sifir is subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Justice, and from these is authorized to operate within the relevant legislation framework.


With more than fourty years of experience we offer a wide range of highly specialized and personalized services, dedicated to demanding clients and attentive in the protection of their confidentiality.
The substantial expertise accumulated in various fields and the constant study of the national and international dynamics, allow SIFIR stay always ahead in finding the best solutions for its clients.


Satisfy the most complex requirements of our clients by providing them a high level of service, highly personalized and confidential.

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SIFIR is specialized in the activities directed toward the administration and conservation of client’s assets.

Based upon our long-standing experience, we are committed to honoring the interests of private individual and legal entities that wish to ensure their assets with the maximum reliability, professionalism and confidentiality toward third parties.

By offering highly personalized services we aim to forge a long-term fiduciary relationship of trust by relying on values ​​of independence, transparency, confidentiality and on the quality and competence of our people.


The fiduciary and trust business has evolved very rapidly over the past decade, also considering recent policies focused on the return on capital held abroad

This has involved both the consolidation of traditional fiduciary services such as the classic fiduciary ownership as well as the trust, and the development of new services such as the “mandate of administration without ownership”, the engagement of tasks in favor of third parties to achieve generational transitions, the conferment of stock options, escrow agreements and trusts. There are also very current and efficient policies of fiscal optimization implemented through fiduciary companies, thanks to their role of withholding agent that guarantees the elevation of tax planning and global fiscal planning services.

Thanks to our well-established experience in the sector of fiduciary services we offer our clients the highest level of expertise in every area of ​​intervention.

About us - Sifir
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Nearly forty years of experience have permitted us to operate in all spheres, thus creating the conditions to provide the most appropriate responses to every type of client, ensuring maximum transparency in the search for solutions that best respond to the needs of our clients and strict confidentiality and discretion to protect the information entrusted to us.


Quality and Competence

With personalized services we build a long-term trusting relationship, focusing on the values ​​of independence, transparency, confidentiality and on the quality and competence of our experts.


Customized for your business

Our team of professionals can be reached by email to arrange a meeting at our headquarters in Bologna. Come and visit us to find out the right solutions for your business.