For over 30 years SIFIR deals with the services relating to the fiduciary registration agreement, assignments and administration of assets by carrying out…[ read more ]

The specific services offered by SIFIR include family asset protection consulting, estate planning, inheritance planning and family business…[ read more ]

We assist our clients in corporate planning and structuring and in the management of corporate dynamics in order to ensure stability of the decision making…[ read more ]

The consulting service regarding wealth planning and asset management enables clients, also through a fiduciary registration, to be able to accurately plan the various forms of asset protection…[ read more ]

A trust is a highly adaptable arrangement which is increasingly often used both as management and asset protection tool, as well as tool for the management of succession…[ read more ]

The escrow agreement is an agreement under which money or documents such as acts of transfer or credit rights are delivered to the depositary which is obliged to honor a certain part of a contract…[ read more ]


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Confidentiality and asset security management

A qualified and reliable company to respond promptly to regulatory and financial changes


SIFIR, società fiduciaria specializzata nell’attività di pianificazione del patrimonio delle persone e nell’assistenza nell’ambito del passaggio generazionale dell’impresa, organizza un convegno dal titolo “L’Impresa a Conduzione Familiare e le Diverse Generazioni”. Il convegno si svolgerà il prossimo giovedì 5 dicembre,…

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Parte 1: Inquadramento dell’istituto e principale utilizzo nella pratica   L’ escrow agreement è un contratto di chiara derivazione anglosassone utilizzato in modo prevalente ma non esclusivo nel commercio internazionale. È un accordo con il quale denaro, documenti o altri…

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A solution to prevent the compilation in the context of RW framework of the tax return prospect of individuals…


SIFIR offers to its clients a specific service aimed at tax planning and optimization. This service is also performed thanks to the role of withholding agent that can be…