Art Advisory – Art law

Artistic Heritage Consulting and Planning


Sifir offers a consultancy service aimed at the management, planning and valorisation of small, medium or significant artistic heritages.
The service offered by Sifir is intended for a wide range of subjects operating in the art world: artists, private collectors, art dealers, occasional buyers / sellers, auction houses, galleries but also individuals that for a reason or for the other (usually by succession or donation) they are found to be owners of one or more works of art, even of considerable value.


Sifir gives its clients the possibility of being able to address only one subject who can provide at the same time both planning and protection of artistic assets and their valorisation.


Lastly, Sifir’s specialist services also include tax and inheritance/succession advice.


The services providedby Sifir are, inter alia, the followings:

  • Legal and tax advice in art law
  • Planning, management and valorisation of artistic heritage
  • Assistance in the sale/purchase or circulation of works of art
  • Succession planning related to family artistic heritage
  • Tax advice in the sale and circulation of works of art